My Neighbours: The sheep

The hotel sits on a hillside that is home to several working sheep farms whose flocks can be seen grazing most of the year on the green pastures, looked over by large white Maremmani sheepdogs panting in the sun.

Each evening, as you gather for cocktails, you can watch the farmers round up the sheep and walk them back to their barns along stone paths, and listen to the tinkling of their bells. You can even follow them down to the barn and pet the lambs.

The sheep provide the milk for the famous Tuscan cheese known as “Pecorino di Pienza”. The nearby town of Pienza, as every Italian school kid knows, is the capital of Pecorino.

Since our property was once home to these sheep…we thought they deserved their own page.

Уединенные отели, расположенные в экологически чистых природных зонах, — идеальное решение для тех, кто с нежностью вспоминает каникулы в «Артеке» и семейные походы на байдарках. Вместо спального мешка вас ждет уютная кровать, а ужин у костра приготовит титулованный шеф-повар.
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