My Crazy idea

La Bandita is more than a new luxury retreat in Tuscany, it’s my story

What does an international music executive do when he’s sick of his big time New York job? Quit and move to Tuscany to open a small hotel…of course!

My name is John Voigtmann. After ten years of chasing rock stars around the world, I decided to change my life… and together with my wife, who is a writer for several travel magazines, I spent four years searching, researching and renovating La Bandita. My wife and I love to travel, have been all over the world, and we love intimate hotels with character, personality and a sense of place.

So I didn’t want La Bandita to be a just a typical hotel. In fact, I didn’t want it to feel like a hotel at all. I didn’t want fussy, formal service, or old-fashioned design. I wanted a beautiful, comfortable retreat, with a modern look and a relaxed atmosphere, where my friends — and friends of friends — from all over the world could come to relax, cook big dinners, and enjoy Tuscany.

Уединенные отели, расположенные в экологически чистых природных зонах, — идеальное решение для тех, кто с нежностью вспоминает каникулы в «Артеке» и семейные походы на байдарках. Вместо спального мешка вас ждет уютная кровать, а ужин у костра приготовит титулованный шеф-повар.
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Aeroflot style

If you're looking to escape with a group, you could do worse than renting out this insanely chic country house in Val D'Orcia region of Tuscany.
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Elizabeth St

For a high-flying New York City couple, two design-minded hotels in Tuscany represent the ultimate career change-and an impressive leap of faith.
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